Professional. Personable. Proficient.

With a passion for casting, J.R. Pittman has the creative eye, attention to detail, and energy needed to make the vision of the perfect cast come to life. Since 2008, he has had the privilege to work with some of the most talented and hard-working entertainment professionals.

After years of providing quality casting services, he was promoted to Co-Casting Director of Pitman Casting Inc. Through the company, he has cast hundreds of television shows and has not only provided the biggest and the baddest personalities, but most importantly, real characters with real stories that resonate! Now, as Casting Director of Casting King Inc, he continues to deliver talent that pleases audiences around the world!

J.R. Pittman loves what he does, and it shows! He is dedicated to making sure each of his client's expectations are not only met, but exceeded. J.R. Pittman works tirelessly to ensure every production is cast the best it can be. 

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